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Priority Issue: Money

We are developing a collection of presentations on corruption (e.g. pol-money) see Video  Bob’s list (above) pretty much covers it. There are lots of people working on how to end this mess we find ourselves in these days.  Have a look.

Establishing the link between corporate financial contributions to Congress and their voting patterns takes millions in nonprofit dollars just to figure out the good and bad of it with a sense of precision. The following is a rough summary from two years of analysis (2013-2015) and two years in preparation published by the Roosevelt Institute in 2017.  See 50 Shades of Green in the Shared Reading Section.  A very rough summary might read as follows:

  1. Congressional representatives are much more likely to break with their party and side with the providers of money.
  2. Analysis of the members of the House Financial Services Committee. far more likely to support banks on repealing elements (drip, drip strategy) of Dodd-Frank for money.
  3. Every additional $1,000 given to a Congressional person decreased or increased the odds of voting for or against a bill by more than 20 percent.

Conservatives and Progressives agree that speech is protected by the United States Constitution but differ when it comes to political speech.  The decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (link to pdf) extended the Constitution’s protections of speech to corporations (2010) as well as individuals.  Critics of the decision say “money is not speech” highlighted by the sticker that reads, “I’ll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one.”    Proponents say a corporation has a right to develop and promote legislation.  Thus, the question should be about proof of balance and fairness instead of money. but the power to reset conditions in that direction continuously and with dedication.  How?  Make corruption illegal and I mean prison time illegal.

The wealthiest of the wealthy are able to buy up political power while ordinary Americans have functionally zero influence over their nation’s policy and behavior.  America is a corporatist oligarchy, not a democracy.

How many dollars (or hours) will it take you to capture the attention of your Congressional Representative and get the results you seek?

How Can the U.S. Change the Influence of Money in Politics?

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