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Resident Survey (completed!)

The AKNA IT project will produce a choice for affordable communication services. Without a choice, selecting affordable options for these internet services are unlikely, if not impossible.

The following image was delivered to the President of Verizon right after it became obvious that leverage, not law, would get the community, at least a small part of one, access to the world of information. Oh, and just before the major VOIP plan for a telephone launch to kill copper.

Please use the next page link and complete our survey Thank you for responding.

The survey was completed, the data was filed, and the community had a choice for access to the world of information—it system change at its best, with one thing missing. High-speed broadband service should be unrestricted, and costs should be audited at cost plus a transparent public re-investment plan. The “rats-nest” testimony for the City Council topped it off. (here).

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