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Roger Stone’s Rules

The documentary on Roger provides the essential background for why the body politic is acting the way it does today (2017).  It is partially balanced by understanding the idea of the political hallucinations (see Ground Hogs), but I would include McCain’s recent (perhaps last) presentation to his fellow Senators that will go down in history as the, “we should stop acting like a-holes” speech.  In the meantime, while waiting to see if Congress will get back to “regular order”, the following is our take on Roger’s rules that are getting us into this mess.

  1. Fake sincerity or get nowhere in politics
  2. Politics isn’t theater. it is performance art for its own sake.
  3. White shirt + tan face = confidence
  4. Open multiple fronts on your enemy
  5. Confused and besiege on every side.
  6. Praise ’em before you hit ’em
  7. Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack
  8. Nobody ever built a statue to a committee
  9. Avoid obviousness
  10. Never do anything till you’re ready to do it.
  11. Always keep the advantage.
  12. Hate is a stronger motivator than love.
  13. He who speaks first will lose.
  14. Attack, attack, attack, never defend.
  15. Folks want government out of the bedroom and the boardroom.
  16. Lay low, play dumb, keep moving.
  17. To win do everything. Nothing is on the level.
  18. There are more, lots more.

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