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Rethink School

Rethinking School 
This NPR/TED “radio podcast” was released August 11, 2017, for parents and educators on concepts in education.  The lead in reads:
“For most of modern history, humans have placed smaller humans in institutions called schools. But what parts of this model still work?  What needs to change.” 

Apparently a lot...TED has a vast collection of short presentations by educators.  NPR’s TED Radio Hour introduces those that prompt system changes and if it interests you, you can go to the whole TED presentation.

TED has a vast collection of short presentations educators.  The NPR role introduces those that prompt change and if it interests you, you can see the whole TED presentation.

The first interview with Tyler Dewitt on science education and when he got a damning critique from a young student, he changed his style as an educator by working to de-formalize learning.  He is a strong over-the-top style that cannot be duplicated.  What can be duplicated is the idea that a teacher is free to try new things.

The interview with Sal Kahn about how Kahn Academy got started and how it works as a tool that teachers can adapt to their curriculum and focus on what the student understands as opposed to the what is in the book or likely in a test.

The other interviews introduce Andreas Schleicher who wreviews some European models and Linda Cliatt-Wayman a school principal describes her “So what? Now what?” experience in schools where the majority of students are in poverty.

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