“One of the penalties of refusing to participate in politics is to be governed by the uninformed or liars.”  paraphrasing Plato.

These “posts” will lead to the ideas we need..

  1. Stock Holder Relations (buy $23.9B, sell to make a point )
  2. Political Advocacy (take action)
  3. Update AKNA Survey 2013 ( See 2015 draft and comment)
  4. FCC Takes Action (and the NTIA counter-weight )
  5. Survey & Design (its all good until its not)
  6. Public Funding Research (a wild idea)
  7. Monitor NYC Broadband Map (disgraceful)
  8. The Verizon Foundation (odd policies)
  9. AKNA Goes High Tech (funding ideas)
  10. Are We Throttled?  (yes, but…)
  11. DoITT Slams Verizon (playing or powerful?)
  12. Home Movie Investigation (just for fun)
  13. Call to Action (Verizon’s Redline Map)
  14. PSC Hearings on Verizon  (see Testimony #17)
  15. Resources (organizations on IT)
  16. The Trouble (the lighter side of no service)
  17. Testimony (AKNA on record)
  18. Not About Us  (Susan Crawford on serious side of no service)
  19. Recent Correspondence (formal letters to Verizon and DoIT
  20. Recent Correspondence (exchange of email with Verizon Engineers)
  21. The $$$ of Corporate Contributions (Verizon and Cablevision)

Ideas and Comments needed for the above AND — just for fun, see: V-Truck iPhoto Contest (above) photos of techs and trucks are needed….

By the way, we love the techs, if it were not for them nothing would work….

Explore some NYC agencies and representatives that could offer advice and counsel:

For example:

DoITT is the agency responsible for a level of review. (see DoITT Slams Verizon)

Please delve into its mysteries, funding and potential service to AKNA.  Here is a link:

DoiTT logo
Website: DoITT

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