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Thank fabco!

On January 11, 2016, at 11:58:21 AM, Charles Zollo, AKNA’s contact person from the Engineering Firm — Lourdes, wrote to us regarding their progress in getting “right of way” for FiOS to the Terraces:

We found a new way to do it as we were not having luck with either of the options we were attempting. In fact, we just secured it over the weekend. In fact, we are reviewing what we have now, there are some still pending, but we’ve made a lot of progress, especially securing what we call a Block Entrance ( with which we have no way to serve the block), which will now enter from Flatbush at 910.

We have received many permits from the Terraces, and I think we only have one guy on Flatbush we need. One or two of our guys will probably make a sweep this week or next to secure the rest, and everyone has been very cooperative (except for the two entrances we were first trying). Once that is done, the job goes to Engineering for final design and then gets issued to Construction.

From all of us who live on the Albemarle and Kenmore Terraces, you are now our favorite shoe store in the whole world!

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