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I think this image is appropriate for this period of digital reorganizing. It is a walk among the weeds.  The wilderness image was rearranged by some poor fool insisting on being noticed with a pile of rocks to note a path for a wanderer. Do not worry. I’ve been to this place. It doesn’t take long to discover that wanderer’s existence as a bottle cap, the old kind you had to pry off. It had a bit of rusty desperation. It dissolves to this day, slowly disappearing, like the following.

You will find my years with this resource oxidizing (here). Pick a year and a month.

Another assortment (here) is only for the fun of it. It is a timeline set to the last 100 posts.

Some of it is brilliant but amidst other meanderings. In the meantime, thoughts, referrals, and leads on the following spectacular insights have been greatly appreciated, and below you will see a random selection.

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The online project to demystify jargon in planning, urban design, architecture and engineering for a laugh. I seek irreverent definitions jargon for the above professions. The …
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Supreme Dark Money

Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) gets into the impact of “dark money” on the Supreme Court. His introduction on 13 October is here or below, and …
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System Change

Smithsonian “Salute to the Wheel”  Map of Mesopotamia (3500 B.C.) Revelatory, that is what it was revelatory.  Not the amusing face of God kind, more exact. …
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This project will continue to develop content based on the confidence embedded in the following idea. Project-based and experiential learning builds a path to success in …
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Create 2,000 Dense Places

I have a plan for 2,000 dense urban places, with 20,000 people each connected to high-speed communication systems. Each is an urban core offering specific opportunities …
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Number Truth

Based on viewing numbers alone and with no other consideration, it is time to pay more attention to getting more attention. Truth-telling is freedom, and …
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Life Imitates Malfunctions This section on malfunctions prepares a larger narrative. We are working on how America has 1) an unqualified health problem that includes the …
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Alexandria Stands

George Monbiot is a writer that is paying attention. The news from The Guardian is as hopeful as it is accurate. I urge you to …
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Metro = Megacity/Megacorp + OBDCEarthday, urban land use, and management in the 21st century Without a national land-use policy, America’s formation of regional megacities in just over …
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CD9 Stress

Exploring the following group of analysts will produce one of the more fascinating introductions to key indicators of economic stress. Have a good long look …
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2016 Keeps Repeating

Following the 2016 American Presidential election, I turned to the writing of Jane Jacobs. I went straight for “Dark Days Ahead” on my library shelf …
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Planet of Cities

This history of human settlements is a story of continuous growth and increasing urban densities that reduce per capita resource consumption among the successfully urbanizing …
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The Clarke Record

The analysis that follows is part of a long-term effort to establish an independent group of observers and analysts who live or work in each …
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Rainfall Flooding

“Hurricane Ida devastatingly impacted our area, the urgency to understand this kind of threat and determine the risk it poses became abundantly clear.”RPA Use the link …
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Priority Issue: Money

We are developing a collection of presentations on corruption (e.g. pol-money) see Video  Bob’s list (above) pretty much covers it. There are lots of people working …
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