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The New York City Master Plan – published in 1968, presented the community districts equivalent in population and total employment with cities throughout the United States, a distinction smaller cities only enjoyed comparatively.

Hopefully, exploring outfits regarding small urban centers such as The Urban Prospector will bring attention to the enormous potential of small towns and villages in a network. Bringing public leadership forward in “finding value in cities” — is the tagline of this interesting blog.  The images presented are stimulating and demand attention. If you are interested in making small urban centers work, have a look at The Urban Prospector. The thoughtful posts examine Christopher Kok’s part of the world. (here). His instincts are correct support the policy framework of think tank outfits like Brookings.

As the many articles by William H. Frey, Senior Fellow, Metropolitan Policy Program on the “Population Slowdown for Small Town America” clearly illustrates, the issue of urban center development in the context of a regional network is consequential. Also, see the writings and work of Bruce Katz (here) and on the issue of mega-regions (here).

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