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Vote Basics

The links below make it easy.

Understand the dates, times, places and the government leadership ballot. Paying attention to government leaders of your neighborhood is now essential. Get to know your City Councilmember, State Senator, Assemblymember, and Congressmember.  You are with them until you are not. Decide.  See Delegation Watch (menu above or click here)



Step 1 –  “Where to Vote”
Make sure you are at the correct poll site and Election District (ED) for your address. Poll sites are open from 6 AM to 9 PM. – Poll Site Locator: No access? Call the Phone Bank at 1-866-VOTE-NYC.

Step 2 – “Be an Informed Voter” at the poll site.
Remember to look at the sample ballot and voting instructions at each poll site on the wall before you get online. A sample ballot is on the Board of Elections in the City of New York website at

Step 3 – “Signing-In”
To vote, you must go to your assigned Election District poll site which is indicated on your voter registration card or the Annual Information Notice (this notice is sent out to all active registered voters in August of each year) or ask an election official at the poll site to look up your address in the street locator to ensure that you are at the right poll site and Election District.

Step 4 – “If You Need Assistance”
You may be assisted in making and casting your ballot by any person of your choice including a bipartisan team of trained poll workers, except your employer or union representative. At selected sites pursuant to Federal Law, Board interpreters are also available to assist voters.

Step 5 – “Marking & Casting Your Ballot”
Instructional Video   Go to the Board of Elections in the City of New York website  Go to the upper righthand side of the webpage and click Mark it, Scan it


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